Business Intelligence Technologies

Our design team has a thorough knowledge of Business Intelligence applications and it can offer you competent consulting services for the following business purposes in order to drive value-enhancing decisions:

Measurement – Primesail BI solutions provide you with a hierarchy of performance metrics and benchmarking models for a complete business process management that informs business leaders about progress towards an Enterprise’s business goals.

Analytics – Our consultants care passionately about every aspect of your business helping you to arrive at optimal decisions. A Primesail BI solution can offer: data mining, process mining, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, predictive modelling, business process modelling, complex event processing and prescriptive analytics.

Enterprise reporting services – Primesail Report Services is the enterprise reporting engine of every Primesail BI Solution and it provides the detailed information that impacts decision-makers throughout the enterprise. Individuals at all organizational levels and job functions, through our Enterprise Reporting platforms, can analyze data using standard OLAP features such as page-by, pivot, sort, filter and drill up/down to flip through a series of strategic report views system to serve the strategic management of a business.

Enterprise portal and collaboration platform – Collaboration requires individuals from different enterprise areas working together, through data sharing and electronic data interchange, in a coordinated fashion, towards a common goal. Primesail Portal is the collaboration platform which accomplishes this goal helping teams working together over geographic distances by providing tools that aid communication, collaboration and the process of problem solving. Primesail collaboration solutions support process management functions with dedicated tools such as task assignments, time-management deadlines, and shared calendars.

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