About us

Primesail is a leading company in the design and implementation of complex IT solutions.
It has operates in the following sectors since 2002: banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications and industry.
Thanks to the experience and the expertise of its team, the company provides innovative projects and a high-level of specialized consultancy.
Its experience in the development of systems absolutely customizable makes it a reliable partner and a referenced provider of tailor-made IT services.


15 years of experience

In 2002 Primesail developed PS-Extractor, the management system for an array of bank accounts and return flows, it became quickly an important tool in the panorama of management information technology dedicated to reports of banking supervision.
In 2015 Primesail released the 2.2 version of PS-Trail, a powerful WorkFlow Management System, able to interpret definitions of the operational process, to interact with the participants in the workflow and manage sequences of activities to be performed by invoking eventual necessary documental resources.
Primesail also design and develop web portals for business collaboration, and design data warehouse for the management of complex databases.

The strengths of Primesail :

  • Highly qualified and constantly updated team.
  • Research and testing of emerging technologies to provide our customers with cutting-edge services.
  • Lean and efficient structure to provide rapid and cost-effective solutions with high quality standards.
  • Constant and maximum customer care.

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