Web platforms for digital content

Primesail’s consultants’ skills include the design and development of interactive web-based  and/or site-specific platforms.
We have long-term experience in designing and developing scalable and cost-effective digital content delivery web solutions:

Live web casting

Video On Demand

Simulated live audio and video content delivering

Primesail is engaged, together with Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB), a research centre under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, in IRMA – Intelligent Retrieval in Multimedia Archives, an European project with the aim of implementing technologies and highly innovative infrastructure for the exploitation of the audiovisual heritage. In the modern era of digital information this allows preservation and accessibility of archive materials with retrieval features on the basis of semantic content.
IRMA Consortium is made up of several partners, coordinated by Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, which has a wide background of expertise and experience in the fields related to the following topics: information retrieval, multimedia restoration, processing and visualization, content providing, data mining, web portals.

More information http://www.fub.it/content/irma

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